An online community has been created to enable the interaction of all registered Befrienders.

The site will enable the Befrienders to:

Befrienders will be registered by EDA to access this community. As a part of the training process you will be given a password which you will use along with your own email address to access all of the categories on the Befriender's Online Community. Access to the home page and first category is available to all visitors.

There are 10 colour-coded categories on the home page:

  1. EDA Guide to Befriending - accessible to all visitors
  2. Measuring Your Befriendee's Progress
  3. Recovery Star - with a link to access it online
  4. Record keeping - this explains the Google sheets, Recovery Star and Review Questionnaires
  5. Nutritional information and guidance from EDA
  6. Posts - an opportunity to share your experiences, questions, ideas and suggestions with other Befrienders
  7. Key points from training
  8. Tips and FAQs
  9. Policies and Safeguarding
  10. Health Facts from EDA’s registered dietician, G.P and nurse



1. Please use normal text; do not embolden text, or use excessive punctuation or emoticons.

2. Please treat all posts with care, sensitivity and respect.

3. You are expected to be kind and civil in your contributions.

4. Please be aware that the posts you read are those written by fellow Befrienders; they are not to be regarded as professional advice or instruction.

5. The contributions will be monitored by the Administrator. Posts that are considered inappropriate will be deleted.

6. If you think a post is unsuitable, please click on the ‘report as inappropriate button’ to alert the Administrator.

7. The regulation of the Befriender's Online Community does not extend to any contact made between members outside of the forum.

8. Please be inclusive and respectful to all Befrienders in your posts.

9. Please make sure your posts do not include copied text. Any post that is considered to breach copyright will be deleted by the Administrator.

10. The Online Community has a search function. Please use a title that will enable clear identification of the content of your post.


The Befriender's Online Community cannot offer:

• This forum is not for people who are struggling with an eating disorder.

• This is not a promotional community, so please do not post anything that could be seen as marketing, advertising or promotion either for you or someone else.

• The posts will be visible to all Befrienders, please do not name or identify individuals or treatment providers in your posts.