EDA Guide to Befriending

Please click here for the Guide to Befriending

An EDA Befriender is a person who is over 21 and has recovered from an eating disorder for a sustained and stable period of at least 2 years, and wishes to support someone who is working to recover from an eating disorder. The EDA Befrienders Online Community welcomes potential Befrienders.

If you are interested in becoming a Befriender the EDA Interactive Guide details all aspects of the Befriending Service; the aims of the service, who the Service is for, how it is run, what the Befriender and Befriendee can expect from the service, and finally how to apply to become a Befriender. The Guide contains interactive application forms for both the Befriender and Befriendee.

An EDA Befriender provides:
• On-going emotional support, helping to improve self-esteem and overcome feelings of isolation, guiding and supporting their Befriendee along the journey to recovery
• A safe space - listening and providing insight drawn from personal experience
• Support strategies based on EDA’s resources
• Encouragement - consistently communicating that recovery is possible with the right support and determination
• Engagement - promoting and supporting engagement with eating disorder care teams, G.Ps, mental health services and all available NHS services

All Befrienders are given training by EDA in preparation for their role. Training is face-to-face and takes place over 2 separate days. Training locations and dates are listed on the  Befrienders Online Community, as well as on the Befriending pages within 'Get Involved' on our website. All Befrienders have access to the information and advice that they require in order to fulfil their role. Once trained, the Befrienders Online Community provides support, guidance and access to documents and processes. The site also offers a platform for discussion amongst the Befrienders, including a chance to post questions, responses and thoughts about the role.