Recovery is something that you may find yourself thinking about a lot when you are struggling with an eating disorder. Maybe it is something you fear – or something you long for. Maybe it is both of those things at different times. It may be something that other people talk about – or perhaps it is something you are supposed to be working towards in your appointments with doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nutritionists or counsellors. 

But how much do you know about what recovery is – or will be – for you?
Do you feel that you know what it will involve? What about the things that definitely are not part of recovery?

It is very important that you do have a clear idea of what recovery is. Otherwise it is like setting out on a long journey with no idea of what your destination is – or perhaps with a vague idea but no local road map. If you know where you are heading then you know how to make sure you get to the right place and avoid ending up somewhere you don’t want to be. However, often when you have an eating disorder, you may find that things change very quickly and that suddenly you arereceiving treatment, or in hospital, or being encouraged to get help – and you have not really had the time to think it through for yourself.

You don’t have to be ready to recover, you just have to not want to spend one more day or one more hour or one more minute living like you are.