Donate to Pip’s Appeal

Pip McManus took her own life on December 9th 2015 when she was just 15 years old. Pip spent her last 3 years fighting Anorexia Nervosa, depression and self-harm.

Lack of funding within the NHS means that this is unlikely to change significantly, and certainly not in time to help the thousands of families suffering today.

Last year EDA received 15,420 personal requests for help and 59,710 people used our online platforms. We expect the increase in demand to continue to rise, but we cannot do this without your financial support. 

Recent national media coverage of Pip McManus’s tragic suicide due to Anorexia highlighted failings of the present healthcare system for eating disorders. The Coroner cited five failings which included inadequate community support, lack of timely care plan, lack of aftercare, absence of cohesiveness amongst agencies and inadequate communication of the heightened risk of suicide.
Pip and her family were sorely ‘let down’ with tragic consequences and sadly they are not alone.

With your support we can change this.

"My beautiful daughter Pip took her own life on December 9th 2015 when she was just 15 years old. The tear in the thread of our family will never be mended. Pip spent her last 3 years fighting against Anorexia, depression and self-harm. I do not want Pip's life and suffering to have been in vain. Whenever she was able, she tried to help others suffering from similar conditions, so I am hoping to continue her good work in conjunction with EDA, our chosen charity." - Marie McManus 

Please help us raise vital funds for Pip's Appeal. Please contact the CEO Jane Smith via or call 0117 9730604 if you would like to donate to a specific service.