Expert Advisors

Become an Expert Advisor and use your professional expertise and passion for our cause to make a difference

At EDA we believe that a joined-up approach is the best approach to providing the most effective care and support for people struggling with eating disorders. Our Expert Advisors make up our Boad of Reference - the professional knowledge-base to which we refer for guidance. Our Expert Advisors represent a cross-section of professions, including medicine, health and social care, nutrition, academia, law, IT, finance, communications, marketing and events. 

We understand that most professionals are limited in the time they have to volunteer, despite still wanting to make a difference.

Being an Expert Advisor for EDA offers you flexible involvment in a cause that's close to your heart

  • Assisting with general questions or areas that require specialised knowledge and relate specifically to your field. The amount of contact from EDA will depend on your desired level of involvment - for example whether you're happy to be contacted via phone when necessary. The amount of time you have to volunteer will be dicussed at the outset. 

  • Attending EDA's annual November Action Month Event in the Houses of Parliament

  • Being listed on EDA's website as an Expert Advisor 

  • When appropriate, raising awareness of EDA and our services through your professional contacts 

  • If you have a bit more time to dedicate to the role, you might consider lending your expertise and assisting with a specific project. Kate, a freelance marketing account manager and an EDA Expert Advisor has been involved in the creation of EDA's new website

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