Young people, aged 14 and 25 are most affected by eating disorders. We know that university is a time of complete change- change in environment, change of friends, new pressures and demands of work, deadlines and the start of independent living. This can often have an impact on a person’s attitude and behaviours towards food and eating, which can then develop into a bigger problem. 

If you’re struggling or think you might be experiencing the beginnings of an eating disorder, find support here

If you’re supporting a friend at university and would like information and help for yourself during this time, find support here

Eating Disorders: A Guide for Students

EDA's Student Guide is a 28-page comprehensive guide for those personally struggling, those worried about a friend or for those seeking a better understanding of eating disorders. If you'd like a copy or want to order some for your university or college, you can download the order form here or visit our shop.

The guide contains practical and preventative advice and suggestions, including information on academic study, body image, exercise and nutrition (with balanced meal suggestions from EDA’s nutritional advisor)

Why do students make some of the best fundraisers for EDA?

  • Most students have an understanding of eating disorders, with many having had a personal experience. The students who contact EDA want to raise money for us because they are passionate about raising awareness of eating disorders and know the impact these illnesses have upon people’s lives. 

  • They want to make a difference and are encouraged to do so by talking to someone at EDA who will help them personally. Are you looking to make a difference, but aren’t sure where to start? Email us to request our Student Volunteer Pack. 

  • Volunteering fairs, RAG weeks and Fresher events are perfect opportunities to raise awareness of EDA by running a stall, handing out information and flyers and putting on events. Could you run a stall or event for EDA at your university?

  • EDA provides training for students running eating disorder support groups and has supported students at universities such as Bristol, Winchester and Keele. Would you like your university to run a student support group for eating disorders approved by EDA?

  • EDA trains professionals and offers support to pastoral teams with universities and staff within Student Services. Could you talk to your SU or counselling and wellbeing team and spread the word about EDA?

  • University counselling services and health centres are great places to display EDA leaflets and posters, so that students who are struggling feel less alone and can access support. Could you help?

  • Volunteering helps students to secure internships and career opportunities once they’ve graduated. Would you like to include volunteering on your CV?

Ways you can get involved

Interested in video production or photography? Create a film to raise awareness of eating disorders or to tackle misconceptions.

Psychology student? Approach your department with an idea for a research project in collaboration with EDA. We’ve already worked with the University of Bath on early intervention into Anorexia Nervosa. 

EDA is supported by Waitrose and you can nominate EDA for the Community Matters Scheme to collect the green tokens and receive a share of a £500 or £1000 donation. Pick up a leaflet from your local store, complete the short form and submit today