Full copies of EDA's policies can be accessed by visiting the EDA offices.

The following is a summary of the policies relating to Befrienders and all other EDA Volunteers:

Confidentiality – All staff and volunteers have a duty to uphold the confidentiality of all personal information held by EDA. By signing EDA’s Confidentiality Policy, Befrienders consent to its terms. Befrienders may acquire or have access to personally identifiable or sensitive information which must not be disclosed to any other person, unless as part of their role and as agreed with the Befriending Coordinator. Confidential information includes all information relating to the business of EDA and its Befriendees, other Service Users, members, staff and volunteers. Furthermore, Befrienders will uphold the Data Protection Act 1998 ensuring all records are never left in such a manner that unauthorised persons can gain access to them. If a Befriender has been found to have used or disclosed any information seen or heard whilst volunteering they may be dismissed from their role and possibly face legal action.

Data Protection – Befriending files are treated as confidential at all times. As a Befriender, you must ensure that no information concerning individuals (whether they be volunteers, service users, staff, fundraisers or the general public) is made available to any person who does not have a demonstrable ‘need to know’. Please refer to the Befriending Coordinator for further clarification.

Equality and Diversity – EDA is committed to diversity and equal opportunities for its staff, volunteers, and all service users. Befrienders, as with all other EDA volunteers, must uphold our policy to:

* Provide quality of opportunity and fair treatment for all.

* Eliminate discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, marital status, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation or age and any other unfair grounds.

* Promote diversity in the workplace.

* Ensure that all volunteers are aware that it is their responsibility to work in a non-discriminatory way.

Safeguarding Adults, Children and Young People – Safeguarding is a key component of service delivery at EDA and through its training we aim to ensure that Befrienders, as with all other EDA volunteers, are familiar with safeguarding law and how it relates to day-to-day practice.