• Eating Disorders

    Females with anorexic relatives are 11.4x likely to develop anorexia

    http://bookbert.com/index.php?rest_route=/oembed/1.0/embed More people are developing eating disorders. Eating problems are quickly becoming one of the most dangerous health conditions across the UK. Unlike drugs or alcohol addictions, eating issues does not require you to develop an addiction to a specific product. Everyone is at risk of having a food problem. Since the pandemic, many people have noticed they may have gained or lost some weight during the lockdown. In return, this has caused a rise in individuals developing eating disorders. How addictive are eating disorders? They are treated as behavioural addictions due to people developing an addiction¬†to an activity rather than a substance. See more about rehab treatments here. A person…

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    Eating Disorders

    Can addiction go hand-in-hand with eating disorders?

    Addiction and eating disorders: Is there a link? An eating disorder is often considered a form of addiction – what was once a small habit, is now out of control and is harmful to an individual’s life. But what about drug or alcohol addiction and eating disorders? Is there a link? Do the two come hand-in-hand? We are here to answer those questions. What is an eating disorder? An eating disorder is considered a mental illness that takes the form of abnormal eating habits – eating too much, eating too little, for example – that threaten the health and life of an individual. In today’s society which is so preoccupied…