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Posted 2 years ago

I've bought a couple of books with an aim to arm myself with as much info as possible. But also hoping to find one as a self help book for my daughter. We are really early days with her disorderd eating and I don't think ( who really knows!) that she is purging but if she read about this in someone else's story could it be a trigger for her to start?


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Posted 2 years ago

Dear Pop, it is probable that she will have read about it, there are some very unhelpful pro anorexia sites that are full of tips. and to generalise again, our children are much more at home searching for information on the internet. Have a think about the access that she has to the internet. So in sort of answer to your question recovery books should be unsensational and fact based in terms of the explanation of what she could be doing to her body.

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