Sometimes I just feel pretty cross


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Posted 4 years ago

A long time friend and her little girl came around to visit, I hadn’t seen her for ages. I arranged for her to visit between meal times. I was looking forward to seeing her, as I don’t seem to have any time for myself anymore. But my son had different plans. He refused to come out of his room. I was so embarrassed. He kept texting me all of the time, we could hear him crying, I managed it but it was horrible, my friend said that it didn’t matter. I actually feel pretty cross, I know that I shouldn’t but I feel as if I have not got a life anymore.

fingers crossed

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Posted 4 years ago

I don't know the answer but I do know that I get cross even when I try not to. When I feel like that I try to see the bigger picture, I draw everything down to keep steady and focused and pragmatic and useful. I try to disassociate myself from my anger, to remember that it is not my daughter but it is her illness. I don't always manage it. But if I get cross and let her see it then she uses that as evidence that she is a bad person and that she does not deserve to get better. It is so complex. I just try to store up enough positives in my head to get me through the negatives and remember the lovely person that I know is there, somewhere.

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