Struggling with Anxiety


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Posted 9 months ago

My 21 year old daughter was diagnosed with anorexia back in March, 2 weeks before lockdown. It came out of the blue and was a huge shock, she lost 8kgs in 6 weeks. She has been supported by our local ED clinic from the start and because of the speed of the ED it was daily phone calls and weekly blood tests and ecgs. Unfortunately one ecg result came back with an elongated qtc and she was rushed to hospital, after staying over night she was then admitted to an ED clinic in London the following week. We were told she was in danger of refeeding syndrome. Thankfully her admittance into hospital scared her and she made great progress and was discharged after a week. She has continued to recover well but the last few weeks I can see she’s really been fighting the ED voice in her head, I think it’s because Christmas is coming and the pressure of potentially being around people eating (she still can’t eat with me). The issue is I’m now really suffering with anxiety as I’m so scared to go back to where we were in March. I’m struggling with my emotions especially anger and frustration, I then feel really guilty for feeling angry. I have referred myself to Time to Talk and they’ve referred me for cbt but there’s quite a long waiting list. Are there any online groups that support parents? Thank you in advance for any reply’s. Donna

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