A backwards step


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Posted 9 months ago

Hi I am just catching up with the posts and I wonder how things are going for you and your daughter ?


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Posted one year ago

I have posted on here previously, when my daughter was first diagnosed. I just wondered how other parents/careers were finding the support their child has been receiving.

My daughter was referred to CAMHS quickly and was told to stick to an eating plan, otherwise she would end up in hospital. She wouldn't stick to it and when she met with the dietician again was told that was ok!! A number of months have passed and she was making some progress. For various reasons there was a break of 5 weeks between her dietician appointments and when she went back this week and told her what she had eaten (not a lot) she was told that was ok and she was fine to maintain the weight she was at!!

My daughter knows that she isn't eating enough and feels like she has been let down with the support she has received. She has just told me now that she hasn't eaten for 2 days and is scared. I don't know what to do next as she doesn't want to go back to CAMHS but she doesn't know what she needs to help her.

I would be grateful if any advise from other parents, or if anyone else has been told the same by the dietician?

fingers crossed

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First I want to say well done to you and your daughter for maintaining the dieticians plan, when my daughter was given a meal plan firstly it seemed impossible to translate and the portion sizes ridiculous and then she didn't stick to it anyway, she has never liked being told what to do. I do know of others who have been given meal plans by those who are dieticians but who aren't eating disorder specialist. The eating plans are about a pathway back to eating 'normally' whatever that is so I cant imagine that the outcome can be a permanent meal plan. (We also had a ridiculously long wait between appointments I think dieticians are thin on the ground). It sounds to me as if you were being fobbed off, if you and your daughter know that she is not eating enough then you must question it. If you do not get a clear and believable answer then complain to PALS. How are your daughters energy levels etc? Best of luck with it

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