Having a Dog is a great way of looking after myself

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Posted 3 years ago

I expect that this title gives my post away, I have found having a dog and having walks with my dogs has literally given me a breather, I recommend it,Having my dogs around has also massively helped my daughter, I think that its the unparsed unconditional love that really helps, lots of cuddles and no talking.


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Posted 3 years ago

I totally agree, I always thought that I was a cat person. Cats are lovely and I have had some very special cats, but about 11 years ago I agreed to have one of my niece's puppies and it really did change my life. I now have 4 springer spaniels, a family of granny , mum and dad and grandson. I feel that dogs lift your spirits because whatever is just about to happen in their lives is the best thing ever. They give time for reflection on the early morning walks and one of my dogs keeps a close eye and on those walks when I have walked and cried she does not leave my side. My Daughter also choose to have a dog when she was 4 years into her ED. The little dog has really helped her, given her a sense of responsibility that has cut through the haze of ED rules. The last thing that I want to say is walking the dog is a great lace for those conversations that come more easily when you are both engaged in an activity.

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