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Participating / Case Studies

This is the most common form of request we receive and you should understand that we run a confidential membership and cannot approach our members directly.

We can at our discretion (and if it meets our objectives) let you take a small advert on our web site (please enquire) and in some cases we may have a member of staff who is willing to participate.

Points for you to consider
Generally the media requirements are very specific, and it is important to clarify precisely what these are.  For example, consider details such as:

  • Do you need someone who can be identified (ie give their name), or can participants be anonymous?
  • Do you need a photo/’real’ image, or can silhouettes or similar be used? 
  • Are you looking for someone with a particular background or history (for example, a male suffer, or someone who suffered with a specific type of eating disorder). 

Please be aware that the more specific you are, the less likely we will be able to help you.  Some requirements also make it much less likely that we will be able to help:  for example needing to identify people or include photographs.  Eating disorders are sensitive and painful subjects and our volunteers have to be extremely brave to take part in any article/programme.  Please remember this and be sympathetic.  The more flexible you can be the better the chance we can help.

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