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The EDA Befriending Scheme

If you find you have no one to talk to about the way you are feeling, or perhaps feel there is no one close to you who can understand you, you might find it helpful to join our befriender scheme. This has been running very successfully since 1991 and has helped hundreds of people along the path to recovery.

The befriending scheme aims to link people who have recovered from an eating disorder with those who are still suffering, so that they can form a friendship which will hopefully help move those struggling towards recovery.

Contact is monitored by EDA and at first happens through the EDA office so your address is not given out unless you are happy that you know the person you have made friends with well enough and you've given us permission. Befrienders usually offer support via email, although some also use letter via the EDA office. We try to link people with befrienders they are likely to have something in common with - so we will ask for some details from you when you apply.

To join our befriending scheme you need to be a member of EDA. You can ask for more details of how to get a befriender when you fill out your membership forms. Alternatively, if you contact the office, we will be able to send you our Befriending Scheme Booklet with the forms and get things moving.

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