Sufferer's Helpline: 01934 710679

Parent Helpline: 01934 710645

Office: 01934 713789

Support Groups

We have a number of support groups around the country affiliated to EDA and who we are pleased to support. If this is something that you feel would benefit you then do please contact us on the help-line to discuss or have a look at the Help Directory on this web site.

EDA's mutual support group

EDA runs a mutual support group for longer term sufferers who are members of EDA. Rather like our Befriending Scheme but not one to one, this group offers friendship, support and encouragement from the basis of issues in common, but is predominantly one which focuses on the positive. It operates by email and by post via the EDA office and is run by our Support Group Co-ordinator. For further details please contact her via the EDA office.